Welcome to Title Waves

Title Waves is Mumbai’s premier Boutique Bookstore, where the  essence of a bookstore is simply remarkable. The store has been encouraging social interaction since its inception, which makes it a memorable experience for every customer that visits.

The one and only boutique bookstore that stands tall in Bandra, was an initiative originally started by St Pauls Media Complex in 2011.

Now, don’t be tricked by the word bookstore, because this one is so much more than that. Here you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding the book physically, from one shelf to another. Instead, Title Waves provides its customers with touch screen kiosks, making it so much fun and handy, to help you locate the books within a few seconds.

Their curated collection contains Fiction, Travel, Parenting, Literature and more topics than you can think of. Besides housing books, they also stock some adorable toys and a wide range of stationery items. They have an immense collection of handpicked Cd’s and Dvd’s.

If your a bibliophile, this is ‘the place‘ for you. There is simply a lot to keep anybody and everybody busy.

The ambience here is vibrant, mellow and it outspreads to about 8000 square feet. There is also a lounge where you can visit for any classes or workshops.

And if you feel like snacking or sipping on some hot coffee while having a good read, Title Waves has got you covered. That’s right! You can occupy the exqusite coffee tables that are inside the bookstore and enjoy your book peacefully.

While the coffee house is on the right-hand side, the centre of the store has a chic setting, which is made available for the various events and book launches that take place.

The friendly staff is sure to cater to the customer’s needs. And if you thought this was it, there’s more.

Everybody likes a little gift. So Title Waves provides Gift Voucher cards which makes shopping at this store even more fun.

Besides this, Title Waves and EMI recently hosted the Why Pink Floyd global launch event on 26th September that featured a live band playing with acoustic guitars all the Pink Floyd hits. Not only that, but Title Waves was a venue for the Tata Literature Live, an international festival, held from the 15th to the 18th of November. This festival included workshops, performances and 100 sessions of  panel discussions wherein many renowned authors and writers participated whole heartedly.

The vibe at this bookstore is the reason which brings about 6000 plus customers back again to the store from time to time.

So booklovers , do visit this bookstore!

Why Us ?

Events and Book Launches

Our store is spacious enough and not to forget a happening one for events and book launches.

Wide Assortments

If your on a hunt for a book, you will surely find it in our wide range of books.

Parking Area

We believe in making your visit a comfortable one. That's why we have an ample parking space facility.

Inhouse LED Screen

We are the only bookstore that has a large Inhouse LED Screen TV with an area of 12 ft x 8 ft.